MNLND Hawaii is a concept that was years in the making.  Years ago, 10+ years ago,  we launched an island lifestyle and blog called Dipped in Shoyu.  Dipped in Shoyu showcased the best of Hawaii lifestyle, entertainment and streetwear.  We made a lot of great friendships in that time but just like most things in life, some things come to an end.  Dipped In Shoyu was a little ahead of its time.  We weren't able to take advantage of social media like most brands and companies do now.  Social media wasn't that big unless you were on Facebook.  

So, the Dipped in Shoyu closed up shop on it's 3 year anniversary but we always knew that one day we would be back but we didn't know how.  A few years ago, we met a new friend that was born and raised in Hawaii.  We talk about Hawaii all the time and that gave us the inspiration to do a reboot but with a different name and a bit of a concept refresh.  

We decided to launch Mainland Hawaii (Mainland Hi) on August 9, 2016.  Had to do a deep dive into our notes archives to get the actual date.  Mainland Hawaii was a brand refresh of Dipped in Shoyu the blog.  We missed working on Dipped in Shoyu but we felt it needed a new name.  We decided Mainland Hawaii was a better fit.

In 2021 we decided to design some shirts just for us to wear around.  We always received positive feedback when wearing our shirts.  So much so that it made us think about creating a small collection of apparel.  

Mainland Hawaii is a concept more for Kama'aina that has moved to the mainland.  We all know that Las Vegas is the 9th Island but there are so many other cities on the mainland with a heavy Hawaiian population.  Why leave the rest of the cities out of it?  That's where MNLND comes in.  A place where someone from Hawaii that now lives out here can represent where they're from but also show love to where they stay now.  This was what Dipped in Shoyu was all about years ago but we didn't see the thing that brought it all together.  MNLND is that.  

We hope that you enjoy MNLND and what we're all about. 

Mahalo for stopping by and we hope to meet you someday.