Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from customers from both online and in person sales events. Feel free to contact us here if you have any questions that you don't see your question, chat with us online, DM us on Instagram at or talk to us in person at pop up events.


What does MNLND mean?

This is the most asked question that we get.  MNLND is Mainland without the vowels.  


I have my own brick and mortar store or boutique.  Does MNLND Hawaii offer wholesale pricing to sell at retail?  Can I sell online as well?

Yes, MNLND Hawaii does offer wholesale pricing so you can have our product offerings in your store.  If you're store has an online shop as well, you can sell online as long as it meets our agreement guidelines for being a wholesaler/retailer account.  Currently, we do not offer wholesale accounts for online only shops.


Does MNLND Hawaii accept refunds, returns or cancellations?

We do not offer returns, exchanges, cancellations and refunds.  If your item is delivered damaged or has issues, please contact us as soon as you receive the item.  ALL SALES FINAL.


Does MNLND Hawaii carry any sizes bigger than a 2XL (3XL up to 5XL)?

We currently offer 2XL at both online and in person sales events.  2XL at in person events are very limited in quantity in each design.  You can always purchase the 2XL size online as we carry it in the warehouse for online shopping.  From time to time we do carry up to 3XL to 5XL but since those sizes are at times harder to acquire for specific colors some items online will not show those sizes as an option.  When we do make 3XL to 5XL available online, those shirts are usually purchased by our customers very quickly so please make sure to check back often or contact us to see when we will have more in stock.


Why is there only a limited selection and limited sizes at in person sales events?

We would love to carry more inventory with us to pop up events but because of various factors we only bring a certain amount of inventory to pop up events.  If we do not have your design or size at a pop up event, you can always purchase it on our online shop.  If you do see us at a pop up event, let us know you will be buying it online and if it's possible, we might be able to give you a small discount or waive shipping costs.  Or you can place the order with us at the pop up event and will ship the item(s) to you.


What payments do you accept at in person pop up events?

Currently we accept debit/credit cards, venmo and cash (exact change only as we do not carry change to pop up events)


Do we offer deals at pop up events?

Our pricing at pop up events are slightly lower than what you see online.  We do offer event pricing and also special discounts at select events.  Since our items are already at a event pricing model, we do not offer BOGO (buy one get one) or any other discounts at this time.