Mui Bettah

We started making our "wet blend" gummy candies for local pop up events but the most frequently asked question was why don't we offer more options for gummy candies.  Instead of making a ton of gummy candy options we decided to take our "wet blend" recipe and make it a jam/squeezable sauce.  Now you can add a little ALOHA to almost anything.  Our favorite way to use Mui Bettah is on sour candies or fresh fruit, but we have heard customers use it on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and even an ingredient they add to drinks and beer.  It's now up to you how you want to use Mui Bettah!

Mui Bettah has been featured on Good Day Sacramento (local Sacramento CW affiliate CW31).

Mui Bettah is now available in a 4 ounce squeeze bottle, 6 ounce squeeze bottle and our brand new 6.5 ounce in a flat container thats 3x thicker than the original formula so you can use it as a dipper for your glasses or just dip your favorite candy or fresh fruit right in.

Mui Bettah is recommended to be refrigerated, especially our 6.5 ounce to keep its thick consistency.

Have you used Mui Bettah? Let us know how you used it.  Leave us your recipe if you added it as an ingredient and we can feature it in our Mui Bettah recipe page.

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